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Project Review Field Trip

“Build A Home” projects are designed to assist AIDS Orphaned children and their extended families by building a home they can all live in together.  Additionally, the project replaces homes that are unrepairable and in dire need of replacement.

“Build A Home” projects ask the recipient families to give back some assistance to the AIDSOrphan712 program in an effort to get local indigence people involved in the AIDSOrphan712 program

In October of 2013, the Bollinger Famil
y was the first sponsor to “Build A Home” for Cynthia
Akinyi and her family.  Since then 12 more homes have been built.

Rachel Bollinger at the finished home for Cynthia and her family.

Our team working beside the local volunteers.

How-To-Build a mud and stick home in Africa.

This is Cynthia's new home with her mother and siblings.



Local volunteers help build the mud and stick walls.  Our team works right along side the local volunteers. 

Along with building a home a dedication service is conducted the next day.  A family picture placard from the sponsoring family is given to the recipient family, with a community dinner for the recipient family, community leaders, local pastor, friends of the church and all the people in the community that help with the construction of the home.  Later in the day volunteers help the recipient family move into their new home!





If you'd like to be a part of this wonderful experience in gifting a family in need with a home, please contact us.

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